Chi Noir

Why do you need these services?

Answer this...

Are you selling your property?

Do you want to increase your home's selling price?

Do you want to attract more potential buyers?

Has your home been on the market too long?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help!

Imagine walking into a home as a potential buyer and there is no furniture, decor or personality to the home. It would make it hard to feel an emotional connection if the space is cold and as empty as the walls and rooms appear.

This is where I can help. I can ensure that a potential buyer walks in and immediately feels at home. Additionaly, the buyers will find it hard to sleep as they begin dreaming of customizing each room of their future home. Exciting isn't it!

Professional Stager/Consultant

Reimagining your home, as if it were my own.



This is the initial visit to the home with a walkthrough which can take from 30 minutes to an hour. During this I will provide ideas of where to start and DIY projects which would allow you to complete the transformation yourself.

Vacant Staging

This service is provided when a home is unoccupied and has no furnishings. I would walk-through and determine the square footage and areas I will be staging. Afterwards, I will decide on the style that would showcase the home's potential. Furniture will then be placed in the home with wall art and accessories and will be removed once the home is sold.

Occupied Staging

This service is provided when the home has furnishings that can be used during the staging, instead of being brought in. This also allows the client to continue living in the home during the selling process. I would then use the furnishings along with soft staging techniques to maximize the pieces present.

Soft Staging

This service is the technique of bringing in artwork and accessories to make the home feel cozy and inviting, without furnishings. This helps the listing stand out from the typical listing.

Personal Shopper

Have a vision of what you want placed in the home but you simply do not have the time? Allow me! Provide me with the images and I can bring them to you.

To book a consultation or service, feel free to reach out via phone or email.

Meet the Owner

"Where my passion becomes your pleasure."

Hello, I'm Jennifer owner of Chi Noir. I consider myself to be the everyday woman, mother, and visionair with a trained eye for detail. I love how my unique mind combines shapes, textures and colors that appeal to different personalities as well as change the feel of an environment. They say do what you love and I've found my niche!